Solar Panel Cleaning

Costa Blanca Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning Costa Blanca

The efficiency of solar panels closely depends on the cleanliness of the panels.

If your Solar Panels are dirty it is going to produce less electricity and reduce the profitability of the system.

Would you like to gain up to 50% of energy efficiency from your solar panel system? Then Miresa is what you are looking for.

We are fully equipped to clean your solar panels the correct way. We understand that a solar panel system is a big investment, therefore, we treat the panels with extra care.

We use our “Reach and Clean” system with purified water to clean the surface of the solar panels. With our special brush, we scrub and clean the panels leaving them spotless.

No chemicals or detergents are used in the cleaning process, making it environmentally friendly.

Most Solar panel companies promise their clients that the cleaning of the solar panels is not needed as the rain will clean it for them, however, this is not true.

Simply look at your car after it rained. If your car is covered in red sand then your solar panels will be covered too.

This will result in a reduction in energy harvest.

Dirty Solar Panels Spain

How often should you clean solar panels?

Cleaning Solar Panels Costa Blanca

Every solar system is different and depending upon the surrounding environmental factors, the recommended frequency of each clean will vary.

Special attention should be given to panels situated in dustier areas, for example; next to a main road, by the sea and on or near farmland.

These solar panels will require more frequent cleaning as the dust build up will be considerably more.

Bird faeces and lichen are also a huge problem in many areas.

You must understand that when solar panels remain dirty for long periods of time, they suffer from modular shading, in addition to this, permanent module staining may also occur and the larger the array, the bigger the loss of return is for you and the impact on your energy bills!

Many of our clients contact us before their clean is due because they notice a drop in power output due to their systems environment, especially following long periods of dry weather

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Solar Panel Cleaning FAQ,s

Answer: Yes, we can clean solar panels. We use special cleaning equipment with a soft-bristled brush to clean the panels without damaging them.

Answer: Dirty solar panels are less efficient than clean ones. Dust, bird droppings, and leaves hinder the solar panels to operate at maximum efficiency. Especially the rain sand that we have in this area leaves a layer of fine sand that eventually forms a clay-like film over the panels and thus reducing the energy efficiency of your solar panels.

Answer: Solar panels should be cleaned at least once or twice a year, or more often if necessary. This depends on the location and environment of your property.

Answer: Yes, we can clean solar panels in the winter.